Healthy Frontier Counseling offers one-on-one therapy for individuals in Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin, which, in many situations, is the ideal counseling approach. Individual therapy is a unique relationship that happens between the therapist and client.

No single approach is perfect for everyone, but for some people, individual therapy is a good fit. Many of the problems that people struggle with repeatedly are based in past experiences which have created conflict within the person. Most of us want to change the way we interact, react or behave when it is not productive, but often do not understand what drives us to behave in the manner that we do — and we don't have alternatives to our current behavior.  

How can we help you?

At Healthy Frontier Counseling, our overarching goal is to help our clients throughout the Bighorn Basin effect change in their lives. Many clients seek counseling for personal growth, and we are here to help. They may want to become more assertive, or work on eliminating an undesired personality trait. Some clients seek therapy to help them achieve greater degrees of work-home balance. Others want to find the courage to pursue new life paths — whether that includes hobbies, occupations or personal goals.

How we work

During individual sessions, clients are encouraged to talk about the issues and concerns in their lives. A session lasts 50 minutes. Usually weekly sessions are best; however, the frequency of sessions may change according to individual needs. For therapy to work, a client must be an active participant, both inside and outside of the therapy sessions.