Healthy Frontier Counseling specializes in equine-assisted psychotherapy and equine-assisted learning for Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin. Horses play an important part in all our work. Why? Horses respond with unique insight into exactly who we are in the moment. They are profoundly gifted reflectors of our true selves because their very survival depends on reading us right.


Because horses can read and respond to the nonverbal messages we are always sending, they begin to act in ways that feel familiar to other relationships or dynamics in our lives. They become our spouse, partner, colleague, children, dreams, fears, addictions — and begin to act out these very dynamics in our lives. This gives us a chance to work through those relationships and issues in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

Our horses range from yearlings to retired horses. They each have a distinct history that allows them to bring a different individual dynamic to each session. To find out more about our counseling methodology, contact us today.