Oftentimes, we find ourselves in a relationship that is either not meeting our needs or in some way not working. If your relationship is struggling, Healthy Frontier Counseling can help. We serve couples in Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin and surrounding area


In couples counseling, you will work on your belief systems about relationships, communication styles, expectations and patterns of interaction that are not productive. Relationships are also constantly changing and when we treat them as stagnant, one or both partners may feel less engaged or not be getting his or her needs met.

Couples counseling can help

Depending on our own histories growing up, we may not have a healthy model of what a relationship looks like — or how to get our needs met in the world. In these situations, couples are left struggling to figure out how to get there needs met and often will continue to repeat patterns of behavior despite not being successful.

This repetitive behavior undermines the initial good feelings of the relationship, leaving it in jeopardy. Through couples counseling, most relationships have the potential to become more fulfilling and rewarding.